I’m working on an open hardware project to allow for faster prototype development and to allow you to switch between hardware platforms quickly and easily without buying a new pile of shields/capes/widgets for every platform.

MakerMod is an extension to the PMOD hardware interface from Digilent, most commonly used on FPGA development boards like the ZedBoard, but also found on some PSoC and other platforms. MakerMod adapts all the common hobbyist development platforms to a common interface. This allows you to work on a project using semi-permanent modules instead of breadboards, and to switch out you central platform to something more powerful or less expensive as needed without redoing all the electrical connections.

Currently in active development, MakerMod aims to support most major hardware platforms from Arduino to Raspberry Pi to ARM and many more. The hardware will be compatible with most other PMOD compatible hosts and modules.

To keep up with the development process, check out the MakerMod Development category. For a listing of available hardware, check out the Tindie store or the MakerMod products category. (links coming soon)

So far, I have prototypes of the following boards:

  • 4 button+LED I/O board
  • Thermocouple board (MAX31855)
  • OLED display (Adafruit SPI OLED on a carrier)
  • Breadboard adapters
  • SMD proto board (small and large)
  • PTH proto board (small)
  • Mounting Flange
  • Arduino R3 Host Shield

I have also completed or mostly completed the following boards, but have not ordered the prototypes yet:

  • Teensy 3.x Host Carrier
  • Raspberry Pi Host Shield
  • Mojo Host Shield
  • new 4 button+LED revision
  • Splitter

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