New electronics for the makerbot part 2

Here is my makerbot electronics as of Friday. Including the relay board, there are 7 boards involved in running the bot. I finished soldering the proto board to connect my Pro Mega to the Quadstep Friday night. I got everything torn off and installed my new board stack in place. Still some work to do for making it look nice, but it’s already a big improvement. Moving on to the software side, I had a heck of a time getting anything to load from the Arduino environment. After nearly 8 hours of debugging and finally loading the basic blink program via the AVR Isp port (which involved teaching the Arduino environment that my pololu AVR programmer is like an stk500v2), I discovered what was happening. It was toggling the blink Led every 2 seconds instead of 1! I triple checked the fuse settings against various AVR calculators and they were […]

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