Sunroom Logger Round 2

I think it’s not quite worth the hassle to get Pi Zero W to run dotnet core 1.1. 2.0 is out, and Zero support just won’t exist. I did find a few people using a Pi Zero W with Octoprint, so I’m going to earmark one of the Zeroes for that, and in the mean time take the Pi 2 from the printer to use with .NET Core 2.0. I think it would also be interesting to try the Windows 10 IoT route, so this is a project reboot with a Pi 2 (way more cpu than I need for the job, but it’s at hand so it will have to do).

Pi B+ Setup with Windows 10 IoT

  • Go through the hardware selector here
  • Realize that they intend you to be running Win10 to install it on the pi.
  • Realize your new (refurb) laptop has Win 7 and you don’t want to upgrade for this
  • Choices at this point:
    • Switch to backup laptop that has Win10, at least for the SD card creation (failed with provisioning error)
    • Switch back to Raspbian and .NET Core 2
    • Install 10IoT via Win7 following instructions here
    • Install via NOOBS

I tried the NOOBS version second, and the pi isn’t booting up. I put the old octopi card and it’s not booting either. One last try with the official NOOBS image and Etcher, then i need to try a new power supply (Using one with 2A rating that I bought for the Zeroes).

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