Sunroom Logger Day 3

On Previous Episodes

Day 1 was a game of discovering the Pi Zero W couldn’t run Win 10 IoT OR .NET Core 2.0

Day 2 was spent trying to get Win 10 IoT running on a Pi 2 B+ and just not being able to boot

Day 2.5 started last night with trying to prove the pi worked with stock NOOBS and then try to use NOOBS to install Win 10 IoT (it’s last chance on this project). I even followed microsoft’s guide for installing it via NOOBS, but it’s simply not an option anymore. I even set up wired ethernet at my desk to try the network install. Finally i just put stock Raspbian Stretch Lite back on and called it a night. It boots. I apt-get installed mono-runtime and let it sit overnight to install dependencies.

Today’s Episode

I finished the basic user setup from day 1 except the wifi. For some reason the wpa_supplicant method isn’t working with this wifi card (A “Ultra-Mini USB Wireless Lan 802.11N Adapter – 1T1R (150Mbps)” from monoprice. Instead I used this method from adafruit which looked familiar from last time I set up octoprint. Once again with wifi and a NAS connection working, I can try to actually do the project!

Hello World, again

It’s probably worth learning about .NET Core 2.0, so I’ll try that again first, but if I can’t get it going, I at least can fall back to Mono now.

  • Installed dotnet using the link from day 1. finally got to the point where i can run the dotnet command, but it immediately segfaults.
  • A few hours of research brought me finally to this gist. Here they tell you to get a specific version of libcurl3 to work on Debian Stretch (Which I assume is close enough to Raspbian Stretch).
    • I had to find and edit my /etc/apt/sources.list to get the jessie repo in apt-get

And… I’m done trying dotnet core on Raspberry pi for this project. This is why I originally wanted to do an ESP32 or Particle Photon, or some small chip with wifi. I shouldn’t need to spend 3 days mucking about with an OS to get a program to compile. Granted, If I just used python, the Pi Zero W would have worked, and there’s probably more support anyway.

If I still want to use C#, I need to go the regular mono route, or I can switch to Python or some other language, at which point I’ll go back to the Pi Zero.

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