New electronics for the makerbot

Sparkfun had an awesome deal for people who liked them on Facebook, so I decided to come up with a project. I’ve been looking with envy at the RAMPS board for reprap, and wanted to start getting parts to upgrade my cupcake. A bit of research shows that it’s a stack of an Arduino Mega2560, a connector board, and a couple of Pololu stepper drivers. Ultimachine has a complete kit (solder yourself) for $150. Poking around Sparkfun, I found this collection of goodies for $143 (before the discount):

I’m planning on using the Proto shield to act as a connector board between the Pro and the QuadStepper. I won’t have to add much to it to get the other RAMPS functions, and I probably have most of it in stock.

I may even put in a 24V power supply and I’ll be able to heat the head and build platform in just a few minutes.

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