IoT PrinterApp

I’ve been trying to maintain a rule that things thrown away at work do not come home with me, especially if they don’t have an immediate use. This week it failed me. We had bought an IoT printer kit from adafruit ages ago as an early part of a project idea, but it was never assembled or came to fruition. As a result it’s been sitting on the shelf for about 3 years untouched. Since we are cleaning out old stuff from the lab, it ended up being placed on the junk cart. Normally, I’d be happy to let something like this go, but it had lots of neat parts and bits in it. I even came up with a project idea in the next day!

I’m going to try to make a shopping/generic list printer, powered by mono on the printer, and my pebble watch for input.

I also don’t want to learn a bunch of new languages to pull this off, so instead, I’m taking the slightly harder route of applying what I know to this project directly.

The project will be tracked in more detail at

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