Sparkfun Dumpster Dive 2016 Unboxing

The day has finally arrived! Sparkfun had a dumpster dive last week, and I managed to get a 0.5lb box. I had the big box in my cart too, but it was out of stock before I could get to checkout. With some knolling: And now for the list of goodies: FTDI 5V cable 9V battery holder with barrel jack 56 and 200K resistors 10K pot with wires 4 matching pot knobs VGA connector Lilypad Arduino v1.1 (works so far) 5pk of lilypad green LEDs. 12pk of some 12A 60V P-Channel MOSFETs (NTD2955) 3V coin cell some kind of snapping connectors for fabric (Female half) A slightly mangled breadboard A base for a breadboard and some Dev board. some screws (hopefully M3 but might be #4-40) some Brass standoffs (hopefully M3 but might be #4-40) some small female headers (mostly 1×4) An enclosure with some milled holes (happens to be […]

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