LED grid Part 2 – First hardware tests

This is part 2 of the led grid project, a joint project of engunneer.com and ericagunn.com. In the last post, the boards had just arrived, and the rest of the parts were on order. A few days later, everything was here! Because resistors are so cheap when you get 100 or 500, it was worth getting a few extra values to allow for testing the IR receivers. Just before assembly, I realized why DirtyPCBs are so cheap, and why they do electrical tests on all boards: Yes, that’s blue sharpie on top of a hand repaired trace. About 30% of the boards had some kind of repair like this. I soldered one board up and started testing. Getting the color LEDs working wasn’t a big deal, but I had problems with the IR power supply (which is also duplicated for the shift registers). It just wasn’t regulating voltage and had […]

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