Game Clicker PCB design

My brother had an idea for a project, and asked me to design and produce a PCB and case. If you have a circuitmaker login, you can look at it here. The basic design is a combination of the following products all in to one PCB, with additional buttons and LEDs to do the job he wants: LiPo charging and power conversion: ( Arduino Micro compatible CPU ( 7-Segment displays (similar to I did run the 7 segment displays off of a shift register instead of the ATMega328 sparkfun used, which helped keep my I/O to a minimum. For power, the unit will use a LiPo battery, but I haven’t yet picked the exact model that will fit in the case and also last all day. I still have a few power measurements to make. Layout on GerbLook Schematics: Game Clicker (pdf) Early renderings (there are a few updates […]

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