Office organization

There was a discussion on the askelectronics subreddit about part storage, which reminded me that I’ve been meaning to post about the latest office arrangement. For the video tour, see this post. Since the main question is about components, I’ll start there. Since the organization has grown over a decade or so, there is some duplication and some things that could be grouped better, which is an ongoing process. This is the main electronics workbench in my office: From top row, left to bottom row right: Grey bins – the oldest bins. Contains US machine screws, wood screws, nails, etc. Teal bins – until recently this was metric hardware and rivets, but most of that has moved to primary storage (covered below) – now mostly empty Partitioned containers. These are $10 from the container store. There are 5 in use here and 3 more emptys in primary storage. This is […]

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