Designspark Mechanical

I just heard that Designspark, working with Spaceclaim, has just released a free edition of spaceclaim designed to help make enclosures for PCBs designed with Designspark’s other free EDA tools. This could be a huge advancement for the hobby 3D printing market. Designspark Mechanical can export STL, and being based on spaceclaim means that editing will be quite nice. I have used Spaceclaim Engineer in a previous job, and really was impressed. Other common tools for 3D hobbiests: Autodesk 123D: Painful interface (on older computers), and a medium learning curve, but still quite usable. They recently hid the 3D export option, but it is still there. SCAD: Much larger learning curve, but very good (especially paired with DraftSight to make DXFs). Also very nice for the parametric aspects. Sketchup: As someone with real CAD experience, making precise things and doing any kind of editing was quite painful. Sometimes has problems […]

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